Association of Assistance Solidarity and Support for Refugees and Asylum-Seekers (MSYD) supports communities affected by conflict and/or displacement – especially women, girls and boys – to become self-reliant, empowered and able to achieve basic needs and rights. MSYD does this by collaborating with civil society, and Turkish authorities and through utilizing community and gender-based approaches to achieve long-term sustainable solutions, lasting change and social cohesion. MSYD was officially registered by General Directorate of Civil Society Affairs, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Internal Affairs on the date of 30 December 2015 in order to provide services as a humanitarian organization that contributes to the needs, problems, improvement of living conditions, accessing refugee rights, and meeting basic needs of individuals and communities affected by natural disasters, crises, conflicts, human rights violations.

MSYD has adopted the basic principle of helping individuals and groups affected by the crisis, without discrimination, directly and quickly, within the framework of the principles of transparency and impartiality. Therefore, MSYD demonstrates the sensitivity it adopts in its field implementation in terms of the security of personal data in the same way.

By calling the MSYD call center, being referred by another institution or visiting the MSYD field office, you have requested to benefit from the services provided by MSYD. During your visit to the MSYD field office or when our teams come to your residence, you need to read this text and give approval in order to benefit from our services. If you want to benefit from our services by calling the MSYD call center, you will be informed that you can reach this text on www.msyd.org via voicemail. After reaching the call center, you consent to this text regarding the interview you will make and the services you will receive.

In order for MSYD to provide the services that you need/request, your basic personal data and other information related to your needs and/or issues, including but not limited to your name-surname, age, ID number, nationality, phone-number shall be registered, stored, organized, updated, transferred and processed in accordance with Turkish Law on the Personal Data Protection No. 6698.

Please be informed that your information will be kept confidential and will be used to understand your needs/issues and to be able to reach you for further steps to be taken to support you. You have the following rights pursuant to the Law No. 6698: right to apply to MSYD and to learn whether your personal data are processed or not, to request information about how your personal data has been used and processed, to learn the purpose of data processing and whether this data is used for its intended purposes, to know the third parties with whom your full or partial personal information and data are shared, to request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data if any, to request the destruction of your personal data under the conditions laid out in law, to request notification of the operations carried out to third parties whom your personal information and data has been shared with.

Please note that MSYD provides services in favour of you and has full commitment to protect you and your information. In this regard, MSYD will not share your case/information with third parties unless you and/or any other person should be protected in accordance with Turkish Law. Protection concern may arise: if MSYD has information about (risk of) abuse to a child; has concern about any risk that you may do harm to yourself or another person; has to release the information if law requires; and also if MSYD and its staff have to defend themselves against an official complaint. MSYD will contact you when appropriate, before taking any of these actions.