Our Principles

Human Approach Principle

Respect and Non-Discrimination

Independence and Impartiality

Accountability and Transparency

Human Approach is on top of principle that directs our works. ASRA, in the scope of human approach policy, has focused to carry out work at the highest level to people can maintain their honorable right to life that the rights of the human being due to they have
ASRA has a Non-Discrimination policy for individuals and communities, who have been affected by crisis, to provide their universal human rights norms, contracts, and use their rights were offered protection by law. We internalize the principle that each individual is unfettered and has inborn equal rights.
ASRA conducts an independent and impartial work from the political actors on the basis of her duty description. ASRA, giving priority to the humanitarian work in both national and international area, also internalize principles of independence and impartiality toward conflicting parties.
ASRA acts in her works in accordance with principles of transparency and accountability. Both ASRA team and beneficiaries as well as partners, internalize transparency and accountability as the most important principle toward supporter communities.