Volunteering Opportunities

We Are All Together

MSYD-ASRA is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization who has been working to help the lives of people who are victims of any conflict or natural disaster situation and to make their lives meaningful by making beautiful touches to the worlds of all disadvantaged people.We want to make all these works more efficient thanks to our valuable MSYD-ASRA volunteers.It is our main goal to mobilize with hand, regardless of the language, religion, color, sex and sexual orientation of the people waiting for our help.It should not be forgotten that no human in this world wants to leave his home, work, school, environment, maybe even his family, to be forced to migrate to another country or to be forced to migrate.As MSYD-ASRA , we are engaged at this point exactly ; because we know that adding meaning to even a person’s life and beautify provides to make the world more beautiful and meaningful. We carry out our all works with our principles that Humanistic Principle, Respect and Non-discrimination, Indepence and Impartiality, and Accountability and Transparency.

Who is a volunteer?

It is the person who expends time and effort to help all the victims of the war, especially women and children, within the framework of the MSYD-ASRA without any interest.You, our valuable volunteers, create our most important stakeholders in order to carry out our studies more effectively and to spread them.  

What is volunteerism?

The detailed work process of people who have applied to our organization with their own free will, within the framework of MSYD-ASRA and entered into the target groups and individuals in the axis of international standards, is called volunteering.People who want to volunteer approach people in need in terms of impartiality.If you want to be a MSYD-ASRA volunteer, you can fill in the following information.

Ex: 01.05.2019-30.05.2019